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Family Support Program

At Moksha, we understand that addiction doesn't only affect the individual struggling with substance abuse; it touches the lives of their family members as well. Our Family Support Program is designed to provide guidance, education, and a supportive community for family, children, spouses, and parents of individuals dealing with addiction.

At Moksha, we believe in the power of family support. Our Family Support Program is dedicated to providing the tools, knowledge, and community needed for families to navigate the challenges of addiction and actively contribute to their loved one's recovery journey. Contact us to learn more about how our program can make a positive impact on your family's well-being.

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Education and Understanding

Knowledge is a powerful tool in the journey of recovery. Our program offers educational sessions to help families understand the nature of addiction, its impact on individuals, and effective ways to support their loved ones in recovery.


Individual & Family Counseling

Professional counsellors are available to work with family members individually or as a group. These sessions provide a safe space to express concerns, emotions, and develop coping strategies. Family counselling helps strengthen relationships and fosters open communication.


Support Groups

Connect with others who share similar experiences through our family support groups. These groups provide a supportive community where family members can share insights, learn from each other, and find encouragement in their unique journeys.


Children & Teens Support

We recognize the specific challenges faced by children and teenagers with a loved one in recovery. Tailored support programs address their unique needs, offering a safe environment to express feelings, ask questions, and learn healthy coping mechanisms.


Spousal Support

Addiction can strain spousal relationships. Our program offers specialised support for spouses, providing strategies for rebuilding trust, enhancing communication, and navigating the complexities of supporting a partner in recovery.


Parental Guidance

Parents of individuals struggling with addiction often face unique challenges. Our program includes guidance and resources for parents, helping them navigate tough decisions, set boundaries, and support their adult children on the path to recovery.


Communication Skills Workshop

Effective communication is crucial in supporting a loved one through recovery. Our workshops focus on enhancing communication skills, fostering understanding, and establishing healthy boundaries within the family dynamic.


Crisis Intervention

In times of crisis or relapse, our team is here to provide immediate support. We offer crisis intervention services to help family members navigate challenging situations and connect with the appropriate resources.


Family Wellness Retreats

Occasional family wellness retreats provide an opportunity for families to come together in a peaceful environment. These retreats focus on relaxation, rejuvenation, and building stronger bonds within the family unit.


Online Resources and Webinars

Access valuable resources and attend informative webinars from the comfort of your home. Our online platform ensures that families have continuous support and education even when they cannot physically attend sessions.


Celebrating Milestones

Recovery is a journey marked by milestones, not just for the individual but for the entire family. We celebrate achievements together, reinforcing the collective strength of families supporting their loved ones in overcoming addiction.

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