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Why Moksha

Why Moksha?

At Moksha, we go beyond traditional rehabilitation by focusing on freedom in life and holistic recovery. Our value-based, mission-driven team of experts understands the unique needs of every addict, offering flexible and affordable treatment with industry-best rates and qualified doctors for co-occurring issues. Our program, designed by recovered individuals, provides a compassionate and personalised approach, guiding addicts step-by-step to rebuild their lives. We not only aim for recovery but also focus on rebuilding broken relationships, believing that one recovered addict equals one happy family. With continuous access to counsellors and ex-members as a guiding force, Moksha empowers individuals to reclaim their lives and thrive.

What do we offer?


Moksha goes beyond traditional rehab, offering a commitment to an addiction-free life. Unlike punitive processes, our care and concern program, with voluntary entry and exit options, recognizes that freedom from addiction is a personal choice. Our unique program, designed by successful recoveries, ensures tailored approaches, and with flexible options, we provide a lifetime connection to support for sustained recovery. Moksha is not just about treating addiction; it's a promise to rebuild lives, families, and futures.


Moksha stands out by going beyond conventional treatment, making a commitment to guide individuals toward a life free from addiction. It's not just about providing treatment but instilling a promise of sustained recovery and transformation.

We offer a care & concern program

Unlike punitive measures employed by some rehabs, Moksha embraces a care and concern program. This approach focuses on understanding, empathy, and support, fostering an environment conducive to healing rather than punitive consequences

We offer Voluntary Walk-in & Walk-out

Recognizing that freedom from addiction is a personal choice, Moksha allows for voluntary walk-ins and walk-outs. This approach respects individual autonomy, acknowledging that recovery cannot be forced upon anyone; it must be a voluntary and personal decision.


What makes our program exceptional is its design by individuals who have triumphed over addiction. This unique perspective ensures that our program addresses the shortcomings of traditional methods, offering insights and strategies based on firsthand experiences of successful recovery. We understand what didn't work in the past and tailor our approach accordingly for a more effective and personalised recovery journey.


Experience the freedom of choice with Moksha's flexible and affordable treatment options. We empower you to switch seamlessly between our three program choices, ensuring your recovery journey aligns with your unique needs. Once enrolled, our commitment extends beyond the program's duration; we provide a lifetime access pass to 'Moksha.' This means ongoing support from our counsellors, recovered members, and doctors, ensuring a continuous lifeline on your path to everlasting recovery. Your well-being is not just a temporary focus; it's a commitment for a lifetime. Choose Moksha for flexibility, affordability, and unwavering support on your journey to lasting recovery.

Flexibility to Switch Program Options

Moksha prioritises your unique journey to recovery by offering the flexibility to switch between our three distinct program options. This adaptability ensures that your treatment plan can be adjusted to meet your evolving needs and preferences during the recovery process.

Choice Among Three Program Options

Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, Moksha provides three program options. Whether it's a change in circumstances or a personal preference, you have the freedom to choose the program that aligns best with your individual requirements at any given time

Lifetime Access to 'Moksha'

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the program duration. Once you're part of our program, we offer a lifetime access pass to 'Moksha.' This perpetual connection grants you ongoing support from our dedicated counsellors, recovered members, and qualified doctors, ensuring a continuous lifeline on your path to sustained recovery.

Continuous Access to Counsellors

With lifetime access to 'Moksha,' you have continuous support from our experienced counsellors. This ensures that you can reach out for guidance, encouragement, and assistance whenever needed, creating a strong foundation for your lifelong journey of recovery

Connection with Recovered Members & Doctors

The lifetime access pass also connects you with a network of recovered members and qualified doctors. This support system provides valuable insights, shared experiences, and professional guidance, creating a comprehensive and enduring support network for your sustained recovery.


At Moksha, we are dedicated to the profound impact of working on one life while touching many. Our mission is clear: one recovered addict equals one happy family. Our program goes beyond addiction recovery, aiming to rebuild not only the individual but also their family, social connections, professional life, and financial well-being. Recognizing the significant role of family, we extend our programs to family members, understanding their need to recover from past sufferings. In numerous cases, we've witnessed that the involvement of family members in our programs becomes a cornerstone of support, contributing significantly to the recovery journey of the addict. Moksha's commitment transcends individual recovery, fostering holistic healing for a brighter future.

Mission: One Recovered Addict = One Happy Family

At Moksha, our mission is straightforward and impactful – we believe that the recovery of one addict positively influences the happiness of an entire family. This mission underscores our commitment to holistic healing and the profound ripple effect of individual recovery on the collective well-being of families.

Comprehensive Program Beyond Addiction Recovery

Our program surpasses traditional addiction recovery by addressing the broader spectrum of an individual's life. We aim to rebuild not only the person recovering from addiction but also their family dynamics, social connections, professional life, and financial stability. This comprehensive approach ensures a more profound and lasting transformation.

Support for Family Members

Recognizing the integral role of family in the recovery journey, we extend our programs to family members. We understand their need to recover from past sufferings, acknowledging the ripple effect addiction can have on the entire family. By addressing these challenges, we contribute to the holistic healing of the entire support system.

Vital Role of Family Involvement

In numerous cases, we've observed the pivotal role of family members in the recovery process. Family involvement becomes a cornerstone of support, acting as a significant contributing factor to the addict's successful journey. This recognition reinforces our commitment to including family members in our programs.


Moksha is proud to offer a comprehensive panel of experts committed to your holistic well-being. Our qualified doctors specialise in addressing co-occurring mental and physical issues, ensuring a thorough and integrated approach to your recovery. Our dedicated team includes passionate counsellors who provide unwavering support throughout your journey. Additionally, we have expert meditation practitioners, yoga instructors, and dieticians on board, enriching your recovery experience with practices that nurture both the mind and body. At Moksha, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to guiding you towards a balanced and sustainable path to recovery.

On Board Qualified Doctors for Co-Occurring Mental & Physical Issues

Moksha is equipped with a team of qualified doctors specialising in co-occurring mental and physical issues. This ensures a comprehensive and integrated approach to your recovery, addressing both the psychological and physiological aspects of addiction for a well-rounded treatment.

Dedicated & Passionate Counsellors

Our team includes dedicated and passionate counsellors who play a pivotal role in providing individualised support throughout your recovery journey. With a focus on empathy and understanding, our counsellors are committed to helping you navigate the challenges of addiction and fostering a positive environment for healing

Expert Meditation Practitioners, Yoga Experts & Dieticians

Moksha offers a holistic approach to recovery by incorporating expert meditation practitioners, yoga instructors, and dieticians into our team. Meditation and yoga contribute to mental well-being, fostering inner calm and resilience. Our dieticians ensure that your physical health is supported, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your recovery journey with practices that nurture both the mind and body. This multidisciplinary approach reflects our commitment to a comprehensive and sustainable path to recovery.

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