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Welcome to Moksha
Alcohol or Drug De-addiction & Rehabilitation center Mumbai

Not Just a Rehab

But an Organization Offering Freedom from Addiction

Are you or anyone you know is suffering from these issues due to alcohol / drug addiction?

Continuously drinking / consuming drugs against your will

Suffering from mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritability,  etc

Emotionally unstable due to self-conflict, constant struggle, lack of hope & self belief

Facing Social Stigmas from family & relatives

Unable to control your drinking / addiction despite various attempts

Facing Financial difficulties & issues

Constant nagging from near ones, feeling of seclusion/ isolation even at home



is for YOU!

“Being a working mother, maintaining a work life balance and mental peace was never easy for me. Things got worse with my husband’s non-stop drinking problem. Our family doctor recommended ‘Moksha’ for my husband. But when I also joined the ‘Moksha’ program, it not only helped me to understand his alcoholism better but helped me cope with an alcoholic husband, manage a 5-year-old kid, deal with nagging in-laws, looking after parents staying far, handling office politics, all along with maintaining my social well-being"

Priya Thakkar (31 yrs), Working professional, Wife of an Alcoholic

Know for Yourself…

Take a self assessment test to understand the level of addiction and how Moksha can help you

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