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Welcome to MokshaAlcohol or Drug De-addiction & Rehabilitation center Mumbai

Not Just a Rehab

But an Organization Offering Freedom from Addiction

Are you or anyone you know is suffering from these issues due to alcohol / drug addiction?

Continuously drinking / consuming drugs against your will

Suffering from mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritability,  etc

Emotionally unstable due to self-conflict, constant struggle, lack of hope & self belief

Facing Social Stigmas from family & relatives

Unable to control your drinking / addiction despite various attempts

Facing Financial difficulties & issues

Constant nagging from near ones, feeling of seclusion/ isolation even at home


Alcohol or Drug De-addiction & Rehabilitation center Mumbai

is for YOU!

“Being a working mother, maintaining a work life balance and mental peace was never easy for me. Things got worse with my husband’s non-stop drinking problem. Our family doctor recommended ‘Moksha’ for my husband. But when I also joined the ‘Moksha’ program, it not only helped me to understand his alcoholism better but helped me cope with an alcoholic husband, manage a 5-year-old kid, deal with nagging in-laws, looking after parents staying far, handling office politics, all along with maintaining my social well-being"
Priya Thakkar (31 yrs), Working professional, Wife of an Alcoholic

Priya Thakkar (31 yrs), Working professional, Wife of an Alcoholic

Alcohol & drug de-addiction rehabilitation center in Navi Mumbai - Panvel

The ever-growing problem of the disease of alcohol / drug addiction has become a menace. Those affected, either face premature death or the mental asylum if not treated in time. We firmly believe in the fact that the patient is not responsible for the disease but only he is responsible for his recovery. All he needs is help. We can’t do much about curtailing the supply of drugs or sale of alcohol in the country but we can definitely help those affected to arrest the disease.

MOKSHA DE-ADDICTION & REHABILITATION CENTRE was born out of a profound realization of the various sufferings experienced by alcoholics and drug addicts. WE at MOKSHA, focus on “FREEDOM FROM THE MISERY OF ALCOHOL & DRUG ADDICTION BY TRANSFORMING YOUR BODY, MIND & SOUL” – A Life beyond Addiction.

We at MOKSHA DE-ADDICTION & REHABILITATION CENTRE are committed to guiding individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction not only through the process of recovery but also towards attaining Liberation (bondage of self). We at Moksha firmly believe in WORKING AT THE CORE OF AN INDIVIDUAL by first helping the alcoholic or drug addict to understand the root cause of their addiction. 


At our Moksha Rehabilitation centre in Navi Mumbai with the help of our program & proven techniques we help them explore a new way of life. Our meticulously designed program is AIMED at empowering alcoholics /addicts to embark on a lifetime journey of recovery, which ultimately helps them rebuild their family, social, professional & financial aspects of life as well. Join us on this transformative journey, where liberation becomes a reality, and the promise of a brighter future awaits.

Know for Yourself…

Take a self assessment test to understand the level of addiction and how Moksha can help you

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